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Successfully Wrap Up 2020

We are almost in the last quarter of 2020, which is hard to believe. It’s been a year of change and growth for both individuals and companies. Many small businesses have had to pivot and try new strategies and lead their businesses into unknown territory. We have been amazed to see what has come out of this time.

As you go into the last 90 days, what are your goals? What is your strategy? There is still a lot of unknown as we wait to see what the second wave of covid-19 looks like, but we must also keep moving forward.

We love helping companies strategize where they are going - from what do the next 30 days look like, the next quarter, the next year and how are we going to make this happen.

Here are some questions/activities to help you strategize to make this year end stronger:

  • What were your goals for 2020 at the beginning of the year?

  • What has your company done well, and where is it struggling?

  • The places you are struggling, are they important in helping you achieve your goals? If so, what are three practical ways you can push forward?

  • Do you need to bring in some help?

  • Do you need clarity on an issue?

  • Is it something you loathe doing and you either need to just get it done or hire someone to do it?

  • Write out a list of all your to do’s, then categorize them - income generating; operational; nice to have; fun and interesting, but not necessary. This will help you focus on where you need to start (income generating and operational)

It can be helpful to bring in a third party to help you talk through these questions. As HR professionals, we are here to partner with you in helping you achieve your business goals. Contact us at connect@monogramhrconsulting.com to discuss your needs.

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