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Recruitment during today's times...

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all industries in one way or another, forcing companies to change and pivot their workforce plans and recruitment practices. The economy has fallen into a recession which inevitably has an enormous impact on how companies recruit new talent. The shift from face-to-face job interviews to more innovative virtual methods has posed challenges as well as opportunities.

Here are just a few best practices and ways to attract new talent virtually:

1. Start building a talent pipeline/community – With a robust workforce plan as your roadmap, you can start sourcing candidates for future roles. Keeping these candidates in a “ready-made” pool to draw from once things begin to normalize. You can start contacting them immediately instead of starting from scratch.

2. Consider video interviewing – pre-recorded video interviewing is a method where an applicant is asked to record videos of themselves answering pre-determined interview questions. It can potentially help companies screen twice as many candidates in less than half the time

3. Make sure people know you are hiring, and to what positions you are hiring for – many people may assume that during a pandemic you are not hiring, so you should make it explicit that your company is actively seeking new employees. Have all your current job postings listed on your company website, and call attention to open positions on any social media your company uses.

4. Communication is key during uncertain times – Be honest and open with your candidates and let them know how the pandemic has affected your recruitment processes. Be completely upfront about how it has caused some delays in your processes. You can even consider keeping candidates engaged using text messages.

5. Stay safe – Keeping everyone safe is paramount during a pandemic. Your employees and your potential hires should be aware of your safety practices in relation to COVID-19 and feel completely confident in moving along the recruitment process.

Recruiting new talent into your organization during a pandemic is never easy. Transparency and flexibility is so important! If you would like to discuss your company’s recruitment strategy with us, we would love to hear from you at connect@monogramhrconsulting.com.

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